Back to School Backpacks

The Summer Holidays are midway through right now, and whilst your little one is surely thinking about having more and more fun in their time away from school, it's probably in your mind that the new school year is fast approaching, and with that comes the thought of ensuring your little one is kitted out with their all new school-wear and school essentials for the start of the new school year.
These essentials obviously includes items such as new school uniform and clothing, but will also possibly include a new school bag/backpack which could feature their favourite characters, as they are sure to love the feeling of taking their favourite characters from TV/film/books with them as they learn at school.
This blog post will list just a few of our many Back to School Backpacks, which is essentially our full range of kids backpacks, both boys and girls, that your young ones can use in their new school year, as they grow and learn with their favourite character by their side.

Disney Pixar Incredibles Backpack

 The first product in our Back to School Backpacks Blog Post in our awesome Disney Pixar Incredibles Backpack. This Cool Clobber exclusive backpack features all 5 members of your favourite cartoon Super-family and is perfect for anyone who loves the 2 Disney Pixar movies. Your little ones will have great storage space for their school essentials with the zipped compartment and be comfy with the adjustable straps that this backpack has.

Incredibles Backpack

3D Hey Duggee Backpack

The second product we have in our Back to School backpacks blog is perfect for your younger little ones, it's our 3D Hey Duggee backpack. This backpack features Duggee and the Squirrels on the front, with Duggee looking 3D. It has a vibrant and colourful design, one zipped compartment and adjustable straps.

3D Hey Duggee Backpack

Minnie Mouse Backpack

The third backpack in our Back to School Backpacks blog is this amazing Minnie Mouse backpack. This stunning backpack features an incredibly cute, vibrant red design, that includes polka dot Minnie and her iconic bow. The backpack also features a zipped compartment and adjustable straps, making it practical as well as looking great.

Minnie Mouse Backpack

Harry Potter Backpack | Charm

The final product in this back to school backpacks blog is our exclusive Harry Potter Charm Backpack, which has an incredible design that features many of your favourite Harry Potter characters, such as, of course, Harry himself, Ron Weasley, Hermione Grainger and more! This backpack includes 2 zipped compartments, perfect for school storage and adjustable straps, for comfort.

Harry Potter Charm Backpack