Cool Clobber Exclusives!

At Cool Clobber, we provide an incredible range of products to suit boys, girls and adults of all ages. These products not only vary in terms of the type of product but also in terms of the character’s that the items are based off. Here we have a collection of our unique Cool Clobber exclusives, a fantastic selection products that you will only find right here at Cool Clobber.
These Cool Clobber exclusives are listed below, so why not take a look?

Disney Pixar’s Incredibles Backpack

Here is our officially licensed, exclusive Incredibles backpack, featuring the whole Incredibles family. This amazing backpack features one large zipped compartment and adjustable straps to provide comfort to your little ones whilst they wear it.
Incredibles Backpack

Harry Potter Backpack

Take a look at our officially licensed, exclusive Harry Potter backpack, which pictures all your favourite characters from the films, including Hagrid, Dobby and Harry Potter himself, in cartoon form. With 2 zipped compartments, a main large one and a smaller zipped pocket on the front, combined with adjustable straps, this backpack provides both practicality and comfort for you and your little one.

Harry Potter Lunch Bag

This exclusive officially licensed Harry Potter Lunch Bag is a fantastic accompanying item to go with the above exclusive Harry Potter backpack, with the two designs matching up very nicely. This lunch bag shows a cartoon Harry Potter dominating the front of it and comprises of one large zipped compartment to fit a child’s lunch into.