Exclusive Products

We have a fantastic collection of products at Cool Clobber, ranging from pyjamas and bedding to backpacks and sandals. Some of these amazing products are Cool Clobber exclusives that you will only find right here on the Cool Clobber website. These exclusive products include some of your favourite characters from the world of media, whether than be TV, books or film.
This blog post will showcase to you our favourites from our exclusive products range, and will include characters such as Harry Potter alongside some of Harry's many friends and foes of the Wizarding World, like Dobby, Sirius Black, Hagrid and Ron Weasley.
Also featuring will be the world's favourite super family, Disney Pixar's The Incredibles, who are well known and well loved throughout all age groups. Take a look below at our favourites from our Exclusive Products range.

Harry Potter Backpack | Charm

The first of our Cool Clobber exclusive products that we will be writing about is our amazing Harry Potter charm backpack. This magical backpack is part of our wide variety of Harry Potter products, and features many of your favourite Harry Potter characters, such as Harry himself, best friends Ron and Hermione, Hagrid, Dobby and many more! With it's front zipped pocket and main zipped compartment, it is also perfect for your little one to carry their school essentials in.

Harry Potter Charm Backpack

Disney Pixar Incredibles Backpack

The second exclusive product we are showcasing to your comes from our Disney Pixar Incredibles collection. Our Incredibles backpack features all members of your favourite super-family, and is perfect for any little ones who are huge fans of the Disney Pixar movie franchise. This backpack features the iconic and vibrant Incredibles red colour scheme on it's amazing design.

The Incredibles Backpack

Harry Potter Lunch Bag | Charm

The final Cool Clobber exclusive product we have for your in this blog post is yet another product from the magical, Wizarding world of Harry Potter, our spellbinding Harry Potter charm lunch bag. This awesome lunch bag features Harry Potter in the fantastic charm, cartoon design that can also be found in our Harry Potter Charm Backpack. This lunch bag is perfect for all young Harry Potter fans to take to school with them.

Harry Potter Lunch Bag | Charm