First Day Back at School

The new term has arrived and it's time for your little one's to make their way back to school for the new school year, one year older, and ready to enjoy their time, both playing and learning. With the new school year comes brand new challenges and adventures waiting for your children to enjoy.
Whilst some of your little ones will be moving into a new year with the same people as they go back to school, some will be just starting out at Primary school, in reception, for the first time, which is probably more daunting for the parents than the children. Some of your children will be starting at a brand new Secondary school, which is certainly a daunting prospect for both child and parent, as they move into a new environment that they are wholly not used to.
To help your kids on their way back into school, as parents it's good to do whatever you can to help them feel comfortable at school, which you could do by getting them a brand new school backpack, which could feature their favourite character, to comfort them on their first few days.
Below, in this First Day Back at School Blog Post, we will list just some of the amazing backpacks we stock at Cool Clobber, which feature many of your little ones favourite characters, whether they're young starters at Primary school, older starters at Secondary school, or any other age inbetween.

Harry Potter Backpack | Charm

The first product we have to showcase to you is our amazing Harry Potter Charm Backpack. This Cool Clobber exclusive, magical backpack is perfect for Harry Potter fans of many different ages. It features Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dobby, Hagrid and more of your Hogwarts favourites in cartoon form and is perfect for your little one to store many of their school essentials in, with it having a main zipped compartment and front zipped pocket.

Harry Potter Charm Backpack

George Pig Backpack

The second product we have to show you in this blog post is our rawr-some George Pig backpack, which features George playing with his favourite toy, his dinosaur. This adorable backpack also includes 3D dinosaur scales around the side of the backpack that your little one will definitely love!

George Pig Backpack

Disney Pixar's Incredibles Backpack

Our third product is another Cool Clobber exclusive product, it's our Disney Pixar Incredibles backpack. This super cool backpack features everyone's favourite super-family on the front and has an awesome design. Your little Incredibles fans can take their favourite super heroes to school with them as they learn with this awesome backpack.

Incredibles Backpack

Toy Story Backpack

The final product in our First Day Back at School blog post is this amazing Toy Story backpack. This awesome backpack features some of your favourite Toy Story original characters, such as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie and more, pictured in front of Andy's iconic bedroom wallpaper. Toy Story fans will love taking their favourite film characters to school with them.

Toy Story Backpack