International Day of Friendship - Avengers

Today is the International Day of Friendship, where people around the world should be coming together to celebrate all the friendship they share with multiple people in their lives. No matter what your walk of life, or gender, or age, friends are something that everyone appreciates and needs, to enjoy great times with or to help solve any issues or problems that may arise in each other's lives.
Friendships are no different when it comes to the characters we know and love from our TV's, movies and books. Although sometimes complicated, the friendships shown between many of our beloved characters can have a huge impact on social society, predominantly on children, and show us the power of what friendship can do. 
Some of our favourite friendships in the movie world come from Marvel's greatest set of friends, the Marvel Avengers. They may sometimes have some in-fighting, this happens in many friendships, but they have a deep bond and love for one another which replicates that of real life friendship.
This blog post will depict to you just some of our amazing Marvel Avengers products, of which the rest you'll be able to find in our fantastic Marvel Avengers collection.

Marvel Avengers Sandals

The first product from our amazing Marvel Avengers collection we which to show you, are these awesome Marvel Avengers sandals. Featuring some of the Avengers closest friends in Ironman, Captain America, Thor and Hulk, these super sandals are great for your little one to play our in during the Summer months or on their holidays.

Marvel Avengers Sandals

Marvel Avengers Backpack

The second product we have for you in this blog all about the friendships in our Avengers collection is our amazing Marvel Avengers backpack. This backpack again features some of the close friendships from the Avengers franchise, including the same 4 characters that we found on our last product, the Avengers Sandals.
Marvel Avengers Backpack

Marvel Avengers Single Bedding | Scribble

The final product in this awesome Marvel Avengers Friendship blog post is this amazing Marvel Avengers Single Bedding. This fantastic bedding set, also available in double, features some of the already featured Avengers alongside other allies such as Spiderman and Black Panther, and is perfect for any of your little Avengers fans, as are the rest of the products in our Marvel Avengers collection.

Marvel Avengers Single Bedding