National Dog Day

Dogs are known universally to be man's best friend, they're amazing companions that many of us have as pets at many ages. When you're young, having a dog as your best friend is one of the best feelings imaginable, they're loyal and fun to play with, as well as providing a sense of adventure when you take them for a walk.
National Dog Day celebrates the amazing relationship we as people share with our dogs, whether those dogs be old or just puppies, be as big as Great Dane's and German Shepherd's or as small as Chihuahua's and Jack Russell Terrier's, we love them all the same as our best friends.
We don't only love our pet dogs, dogs on screen are also a huge part of our viewing experience, especially during childhood. Whether the little ones are huge fans of TV dogs like Hey Duggee and members of the Paw Patrol such as Skye, Chase and Everest, or movie dogs like 101 Dalmatians, these characters are a massive part of the programs and films we watch.
We have many awesome dog-based products at Cool Clobber, which feature many of the dogs we have stated above. This National Dog Day blog post will detail just some of the many dog-based products that we have in our many collections, and if you love dogs, you'll definitely find products you love.

3D Hey Duggee Backpack

The first product in our National Dog Day blog post is our stunning, 3D Hey Duggee Backpack, This awesome backpack features Duggee alongside many of the Squirrels and is perfect for when your Hey Duggee fans need to carry some essentials, whether that is for a trip out or to school. Duggee is a dog that displays the loyalty and leadership that many dogs that we love in life show.
3D Hey Duggee Backpack

101 Dalmatians Double Bedding

The second product we have to show you is our Disney 101 Dalmatians Double Bedding, a part of our 101 Dalmatians collection. This reversible bedding is also available in a single, and features many of the incredibly adorable Dalmatian pups on both sides, with both designs looking amazing. The 101 Dalmatians show the playful and mischievous nature that many dogs can bring, especially when they are young pups.

Disney 101 Dalmatians Double Bedding

Girls Paw Patrol Backpack

The final product we will be discussing in this National Dog Day Blog Post is this amazing girls Paw Patrol backpack, which features Paw Patrol favourite, Skye! This backpack features a vibrant, cool design that Paw Patrol fans are sure to love, and has fantastic storage space for your little ones to carry their essentials to school or on their days out. The Paw Patrol always display the reliability and loyalty that we love to see from all of our dogs.

Girls Paw Patrol Backpack