National Sisters Day

Sunday 4th August was National Sisters Day, a day in which to celebrating the amazing bond that sisters all around the world share. Sisters share a love that goes way beyond anything you would get with a usual best friend, with a lot of sisters actually being best friends as well.
This sisterly bond is very evident in many forms of media, from TV Shows and movies to books, we find sisters with an incredibly close connection. One example of these sisterly bonds is the magical genies, Shimmer and Shine, who share an amazing connection and friendship that is clear for all to see.
Another example of sisterly connections, this time in film, is that of Elsa and Anna of Disney's Frozen. Their bond is incredibly tight, keeping them close and causing them to feel the need to help each other in any possible way at all times.

At Cool Clobber, we stock a range of products which include many of the sisters that we have spoken about and more! This blog post will detail to you just some of these amazing products.


Frozen Backpack

The first product we have to display to your is this amazing Disney Frozen backpack. This stunning backpack features both Elsa and Anna and is perfect for storing any of your little princess' essential in when you're on trips out or when they're at school. The front pocket of this awesome backpack features sequin snowflakes, adding to it's fantastic design. With it's adjustable straps, for comfort, your little one is sure to love this amazing backpack.

Frozen Backpack with Pocket

Shimmer and Shine Pyjamas

The second product we have to show you in this National Sisters Day blog features everyone's favourite genie pair, the magical sisters Shimmer and Shine. These amazing Shimmer and Shine pyjamas are just one pair in a fantastic Shimmer and Shine collection. These amazing pyjamas are available from size 18-24 Months to 4-5 Years and on sale at only £3.99.

Shimmer and Shine Pyjamas

Minions Single Bedding

The final product in our National Sisters Day blog post is our amazing Despicable Me single bedding set. This fantastic bedding features the younger of the 3 sisters from the Despicable Me movie franchise, Agnes. Adorable Agnes is shown with her beloved unicorn teddy on one side of this reversible bedding, with the unicorn alone being shown on the other design.

Despicable Me Single Bedding