The Joker

Friday 4th October saw the worldwide release of the new DC movie, The Joker. The Joker follows the life of Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian who suffers from a neurological condition which causes him to laugh uncontrollably regardless of the situation he is in at the current time. Arthur also suffers from innate depression and as such is provided with medication to try and help him combat this, although they do not work. 
The movie depicts the many different aspects and challenges that face Arthur during a small period of time in his life, which lead him to becoming the Joker, a crazed lunatic who is intent on causing havoc and chaos in the city of Gotham, ending with the death of Murray Franklin which causes city-wide chaos and ultimately, the death of Batman's parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne.
The Joker and Batman have a long-held feud which dates back to the night of the death of Batman's parents, and is depicted in many forms of media, whether that's the comics, on TV, or blockbuster movies such as Batman: The Dark Knight. As such, when you think about the Joker, you will immediately also think of Batman, as they are intertwined as enemies.
At Cool Clobber, whilst we do not stock any Joker-related products, we do stock multiple Batman products that any fans of the two DC Comics characters are sure to love, as they feature great designs in Batman customary darker colouring. These products look incredibly cool! In this blog post we will showcase to you just some of our awesome Batman products.

Large Batman Backpack

The first Batman product we will be showing you in this blog post is our awesome Large Batman backpack. This backpack features an incredibly cool design that includes Batman's logo. It features a front zipped pocket and large zipped compartment for storage of many essentials, whether your little one uses it as a school bag, or to carry their essentials when you go on trips out, this backpack has the space inside to hold whatever they need to take with them.

Large Batman Backpack

Large Batman Backpack

Batman Bedding Sets

Both our second and third product will be showcased to you in this next paragraph, as we write about our awesome Batman Bedding sets, which are available in single or double variants. These amazing bedding sets feature two incredible designs, as they are reversible, the first of which pictures Batman in an X-Ray vision design, showcasing the technical parts to Bruce Wayne's Batman suit. The other side also features an X-Ray style design, however this one doesn't just picture Batman standing and has more technical information written on it. Both design's have awesome colour schemes that your Batman fans are sure to love!

Double Batman Bedding

Single Batman Bedding

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